Native Plant Lists For Gardens and Restoration

Below are download links for a list in excel.xlsx format. The lists contain data from and links to websites with more detailed information. The intention is to provide a portable list of a few hundred plants commonly used in Seattle area gardens, restoration sites and seen along trails in the area. The list can serve as a starting point for shorter lists for specific purposes.

Plant_List.xlsx   Spreadsheet

Synonyms.xlsx  List of old names and new

Information and images:

WTU Image Collection The WTU Image Collection contains the most comprehensive online collection of photographs and information for the plants and lichens of Washington state.

Pacific Northwest Wildflowers by Mark Turner wildflower photographs and more.

Additional resources:

Washington Flora Checklist  May explain why a name has changes, good search tool.

Taxonomic Name Resolution Service Will fix your spelling up to 5000 names at a time.

Plants Database  USDA Maps, where is it found in north america.

Growing native plants for gardens and restoration:

Washington Native Plant Society Where to buy and how to grow.

King County Native Plant Guide  What to plant, good advice by location and conditions.

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